Saturday, 6 October 2018

Introduction of computer ? , Computer- An Introduction ?

Defination of Computer =      

                                                           A Computer can be defined as an electronic device that accepts some kinds of data, alalyzes it, and performs specified opration on the same, to produce some output. In other words, a computer accepts the input, processes it, and generates output. For example, on a railway reservation counter, your request for a ticket is fed to the computer. The computer then analyzes the given input and makes reservation. A ticket is finally printed for you. In this case, the ticket is the output which is generated after the processing is done on the input fed to the computer.

The computer is often compared with human brain. Like the brain that designed it, a computer can take in data and processit. It can store the data either in row form or as processed results and can deliver the row or processed data on demand. We can called it a data processer, because it can receive , store, process and retrieve any kind of data. For example, you can store various details ( names, addresses,  fee status) pertaining to a student in a computer file. On a letter date, you can easily access the details of all those students, of particular class, who have not deposit their fees.

Characteristics of Computers = The ver increasing use of computer in all walks of life is due to its special characterstics. Some of the important characteristics are described below:

1. Speed

2. Accuracy

3. Versatility

4. Diligence

5. Automation

6. Storage Cpacity

7. Reliability

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